National Academy for the Mathematical Sciences: Proto-Academy roles

The idea for a National Academy for Mathematical Sciences was first put forward in the Bond Report: Era of Mathematics – an Independent Review of Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences, published in 2018, to provide, for the first time, a single body which represents the whole of the mathematical sciences. The resulting Green Paper consultation by the Council for the Mathematical Sciences outlined a proposal for a National Academy that embraces academia, education, industry and government agencies, with a primary focus on external advocacy and enhancing connections across the broad mathematical sciences community. Following its consultation of the mathematical sciences community, the CMS set up a working group that produced a Next Steps paper. This envisages employing a senior administrator to serve as Executive Director and setting up a focused Executive Committee of a proto-Academy. A go/no-go decision for the Academy would be taken at the end of the period (two and a half years).

1. Chair and Members of the Executive Committee

The Council for the Mathematical Sciences is seeking nominations, or self-nominations, for members and a Chair for the Executive Committee to work on a voluntary basis as part of the next steps in setting up a National Academy for the Mathematical Sciences. Further information can be found in this document and the nomination form. Please return completed forms to Lindsay Walsh ( by 8 August 2022.  

2. Executive Director, National Academy for the Mathematical Sciences (Fixed Term)

The post holder, working closely with the Chair of the Executive Committee, will liaise with potential funders, including research funders and philanthropists, to raise funds for ongoing operations; help to develop the strategy and operational plan for the proto-Academy, in consultation with stakeholders; design and implement the new organisation and fellowship structure; setup and oversee the work of a small policy, education and EDI unit; and liaise with high-level stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, businesspeople, those involved in mathematics education and the media to carve out a distinctive role for the new body.

This is a fixed-term position and funds for this post are available for 24 months in the first instance. The deadline to apply for this role is 14 August 2022. Further particulars can be seen here.