BMI published documents

  1. An Academy of Mathematical Sciences: the community view
    • This paper explores what benefits the mathematical community might wish an Academy of Mathematical Sciences to provide. Discussions with a series of organisations were arranged to answer the question of how to achieve success with an Academy. This document reports a summary of those opinions.
  2. Deloitte refresh report
    • This is a discussion paper on the case for producing a refresh of the 2012 Deloitte report: Measuring the Economic Benefit of Mathematical Sciences in the UK.
  3. Resources for best practice in Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences
    • This web page is intended to be useful for all those engaged in the management and facilitation of knowledge exchange to and from the academic Mathematical Sciences in the UK.
  4. Knowledge Exchange: A short guide for departments of Mathematical Sciences in UK universities
    • This document is a product of the BMI, aiming to provide experience-based guidance on practicing valuable Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences.
    • Preface
    • Paper

The following documents were provided as meeting papers at the The Big Mathematics Initiative (BMI) Virtual Event: An Academy for Mathematical Sciences:

  1. The case for a national academy
  2. Academy consultation overview
  3. Governance and structure
  4. Next Steps

The recording of the introductory presentations at this event can be found here.

An event summary report for the virtual meeting on June 11th has been published here, including links to the breakout session feedback.