Strategic Committee

Terms of Reference

By April 2020, to deliver an implementation plan for the findings and recommendations of the independent review by Professor Philip Bond, “The Era of Mathematics” (2018).

To commission the Implementation Group to develop specific evidence, ideas and proposals, working with and through others as necessary.

To work with and through others to build awareness of the report’s findings and recommendations and the case for action.

Where possible, to influence others to act on recommendations or, where not possible in the lifetime of the group, to commit to act and to have in place clear plans to do so.

To engage throughout with the wider mathematical science community and its leadership, to enable them to inform detailed implementation planning and to act as ambassadors and champions. This is likely to include regular reports to CMS and at least two larger meetings with members of the community, during the lifetime of the Committee.

Ways of working

The Steering Group will meet three times in 12 months. It may also work virtually, as determined by its members. The Secretariat will be provided by the CMS.