Mathematical Sciences: Recruitment and Diversity

We are delighted to share the output of a research report commissioned by HoDoMS and CMS analysing HESA data on the employment outcomes of mathematical sciences graduates from graduation years 2016 through to 2020 by entry requirement, social deprivation and sex.  

This report was commissioned to follow up observations of trends in recruitment to mathematical sciences degrees by entry requirement level.  Increasingly, institutions with the highest entry requirements are garnering a larger share of the total number of entrants to mathematical sciences degrees. Given that this could impact on the breadth of opportunities available to study mathematical sciences in the UK, with potential consequences for diversity of the student population, the report sought to explore the employment outcomes for mathematical sciences students from institutions across the sector. 

We envisage the report will be useful for universities and government policymakers.  As a next step we hope to convene round tables to distil policy recommendations from the report.  

The report is available here .