What is the vision for the Academy?

The following information from the Green Paper helps to illustrate the vision for the Academy.

“The Academy will, for the first time, offer a body which spans the whole of the mathematical sciences, from those in mathematics education, through researchers and lecturers in academia, to practitioners, including end-users, in industry and commerce. First and foremost it will be external facing, with advocacy at its heart, offering a single powerful voice that reinforces and amplifies the work of the many learned and professional bodies supporting the mathematical sciences. Such a national voice in the UK is critically important, for example to provide a unified response to new government initiatives or to promote the importance and successes of mathematical sciences research and education.” (Green Paper, page 4)

“As the Royal Academy of Engineering has shown, substantial benefits accrue from having a single Academy connecting and speaking for education, research and industry, and which interacts with government to generate effective policy. We argue herein that a new Academy for the Mathematical Sciences would create a more coherent framework for the mathematical sciences in the UK, by working with existing learned societies, and by providing new engagement mechanisms with industry, with all levels of education and with government. Owing to the ubiquity, reach and significance of the mathematical sciences, we would strive over time for the National Academy to gain parity of recognition with other Academies; this would allow us to play a much greater role than hitherto on advising government and policy makers, and ensure that we are resourced at a level commensurate with our value and scale.” (Green Paper, page 4)

“The creation of a National Academy for Mathematical Sciences is proposed with the mission to promote, and ensure the health of, the mathematical sciences across the UK. The primary focus of the National Academy will be external advocacy, enhancing connections across the broad mathematical sciences community in order to support and enhance its impact within the UK and beyond.” (Green Paper, Executive Summary)

“The Academy aims to foster the health of the discipline whilst championing advocacy, policy, and impact.” (Working Group Frequently Asked Questions: What Is The Vision For The Academy)